What is Important?

Life with friends make life more fun, without them life isn't eventful. I struggle with some things but God is here to catch me.
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Well I discovered a new Opera that was re-premiered in 2011. It was thought to be lost in 1755, but it was found 250 years later. Read more about it here: http://www.voix-des-arts.com/2014/02/cd-review-antonio-mazzoni-antigono-m.html

This song is quite good. I recommend you listen to it if you have the time.

Ok I love this too

Ok another good song. If you can’t tell I am on my a cappella mode right now

This is a good version

For some reason this song makes me really happy.

This is so good… and I really want to do it.

I love this world version of How Great is Our God

Can I also say I love this song a lot.

This is a good album

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Joshua Schmidt & Caitlin Graf,
Joshua Schmidt & Caitlin Graf

I know I shouldn’t like this song….

I entered Disney’s Frozen Norway Getaway for a chance to win a Frozen inspired trip for 4 to Norway!